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Strict Texas Laws Call For an Experienced Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer

What makes Texas popular aside from its cowboys would be its strict penal laws. It has one of the largest death row population in the country, and it takes its justice system very seriously. In Crystal Simmons’ report for Cypress Creek Mirror on August 26, 2013, she explains the status of sex crimes …

A Prostitution Charge? Let an Expert Houston Sex Crimes Attorney Help

“Conroe police arrested a 70-year-old man after he allegedly paid to have sex with a 16-year-old girl early Saturday morning. Will Ewing, a retired Conroe Police Department sergeant, is charged with compelling prostitution and sexual assault of a child. Ewing worked for CPD from 1982 to 2003 before retiring. Jasmine Baker, 21, who …

Why Hire a Houston Sex Crimes Attorney Upon Allegations of Child Abuse

Sadly, people are quick to judge the parent, relative or family friend accused of sexually abusing a child, immediately siding with the minor. What many don’t realize, though, is that child sexual abuse allegations have been used as leverage for years by individuals looking for a quick way to obtain the upper-hand in …

Falsely Accused? Remain Calm and Call a Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer

El incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat – the burden of proof is on he who declares, not on he who denies. Unfortunately, this Latin maxim, considered as the founding principle of the presumption of innocence clause, is often taken for granted, particularly when someone is falsely accused of something as damaging …

Falsely Accused of Sex Crimes? Hire A Houston Sex Crimes Attorney

In Texas, cases of sex crimes, involving both male and female victims, continue to grow—a similar pattern shows in the rest of the US, as well. National statistics for sex offender crimes also show that there are more than 700,000 registered sex offenders in the US as of April 2013. The cases of …

Trusted Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer Ready to Defend the Falsely Accused

A recent ruling of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the state’s highest court, declares that the use of explicit sexual language in conversations with a minor is no longer illegal. A portion of Texas’ Online Solicitation of Minors law used to grant up to 10 years imprisonment to individuals who would send …

A Reliable Houston Sex Crimes Attorney Can Protect the Falsely Accused

Barbara Kay’s article for the National Post is about how the judgment over a sexual offense can be influenced by gender bias that usually favors women, considering existing laws centered on the protection of women’s rights. The author points out the flaws of such a system: When people are accused of a crime, …