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How a Houston Sex Crimes Attorney Uses Evidence to Defend the Accused

Evidence is the strongest basis for determining whether a defendant is guilty or innocent. Without enough evidence, criminal charges may be dismissed. Such was the case with one of the charges against Larry Bowes, a rape trial defendant. “In all, Bowes faces three counts of first-degree rape of a child, six counts of first-degree sex offense of a child, and four counts of indecent liberties with …

Love and the Law: Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer and Underage Relationships

Love knows no age, as some would say. Lady Justice, however, doesn’t seem to agree, especially when it involves a minor. It is a hard lesson that Colbey Keith Ford of Midland, Texas may now be learning. As reported by Midland Reporter-Telegram, Ford was recently arrested for committing sexual acts with a girl who is …

Fighting Social Stigma with the Help of a Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sexual assault is a serious accusation that can result in a lifetime of stigma and discrimination, on top of the potential sentence the accused may serve as punishment. In many cases, discrimination begins even before a court date is set, with the public’s sympathy often going to the alleged victim. Wendy Kaminer, in …

Statutory Rape: A Houston Sex Crimes Attorney Defends the Accused

The rate of sex crimes in Texas, particularly in major cities like Houston, has been going down recently. However, some cases of rape have a distinct or atypical nature. For example, statutory rape involves a person who has reached the age of consent and who had sex with another person under the age …

No Polygraph Tests Prior to Consulting a Houston Sex Crimes Attorney

In Texas, people who are accused of sex crimes might be asked to take a polygraph test (lie detector test). Although some might view a polygraph test as a quick way to clear one’s name, the test itself is not 100 percent accurate, as explained by an article from How Stuff Works: “When …

Trusted Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer: Do Not Forget Your Miranda Rights

Before a police officer can interrogate someone, the suspect must be read his or her Miranda rights. An article from the NOLO Network elaborates further: “It doesn’t matter whether an interrogation occurs in a jail, at the scene of a crime, on a busy downtown street, or the middle of an open field: …

The Legal Complexity of the Torrington High School Rape Case

Torrington School Rape Case Two 18-year-old males were recently charged with second-degree sexual assault, risk of injury to a minor with sexual contact and risk of injury to a minor. In the state of Connecticut, it is against the law for a person 18 years of age or older to have sex with …