Continuous Sexual Abuse of Young Child or Children

In the State of Texas, sexually based crimes against children are seen as especially serious and the penalties associated with these crimes are often lengthier than many other sexual offenses. If you have been charged with a sex crime against a child in Houston you need an experienced criminal defense attorney that will serve your best interest and help you explore all of your legal options to ensure your freedom and wellbeing. Attorney Grant Scheiner has vast trial experience defending these types of allegations and is legal team will work diligently to protect your rights and seek a not guilty verdict if your case goes to trial.

For repeat offenders or anyone with a previous sexual offense conviction, they may even get an automatic term of incarceration for life in prison and parole may be denied as part of the conviction. A person accused of Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Young Child or Children should retain a highly-skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. This type of charge can have a very negative effect on your life, family, friends, employment, social standing in your community and associations you may be affiliated with. Even a false accusation can seriously change the way people view you and have negative effects on your life.

What Is Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child

Some people refer to this criminal charge as “child molestation”, “child rape” or “child sexual abuse.”  What sets the Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child or Children charge apart from the related charge of Aggravated Sexual Assault is a list of specific circumstances that will accelerate the charge. Here the person is has been accused of at least two sexual abuse acts of a child 14 years of age or younger, at least 30 days apart. This is a very serious accusation and it carries potentially severe sentencing.

Sexual abuse” means sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, indecency with a child by contact (but excludes touching breast), aggravated kidnapping with intent to violate or abuse a complainant sexually, burglary with intent to commit any offense previously listed, human trafficking, compelling prostitution, or sexual performance by a child.

Specific details of the charge are:

  • indecency with a child (by contact with genitals or anus but not breast);
  • sexual performance by a child
  • burglary of a habitation with intent to commit a sexual offense
  • aggravated kidnapping with intent to violate or abuse the victim sexually
  • aggravated sexual assault
  • sexual assault

About Continuous Sexual Abuse of Child or Children

In Texas, Continuous Sexual Abuse of Young Child or Children is a First Degree Felony, with an enhanced punishment range. Tex. Pen. Code § 21.02.  It carries a potential sentence of 25 years to life imprisonment for a first offense. The offense carries an automatic sentence of life imprisonment for a second offense.

A person convicted of the offense is ineligible for parole and must register for life as a sex offender. The prosecution must prove the complainant was under 14 years old and the defendant was at least 17 years old at the time of certain alleged acts of sexual abuse. In addition, fines up to $10,000 may be included as part of a sentence and some government benefits may be denied someone convicted of this crime.

Registering as a sex offender in the State of Texas includes being entered into a database that includes all of your personal information and any changes to your living arrangements, employment or proximity to specific areas must be reported. You may even be banned from living in specific areas and having any contact with children. You can even be stopped from acquiring certain types of jobs that may include being around children or other details that sex offender registration may prohibit. You will also be identified to those living around you as part of the registration requirements which will have negative effects on your ongoing living arrangements.

Your Legal Defense is Very Important

No matter how serious the charges against you are, it is our job to defend you to the best of our abilities. Our legal team will diligently investigate the specifics of your case and carefully orchestrate your best legal options. We will inform you every step of the way so you are fully aware of what you may be facing.

Some defenses may be to expose potentially false claims that former spouses may make as a result of a divorce or custody arrangements. These situations often put children between parents and false claims based on revenge may be made. Children are often coached to make false claims of sexual abuse and a child’s history may also be brought into the case if false claims are seen as a possibility. A lack of physical evidence may also be part of your defense and this may create doubt that may result in bargaining for a better outcome.

Have You Been Charged with Sexual Abuse of a Child

It is very important to know that you should never talk with any law enforcement agencies until you have contacted an attorney that has your best interest in mind. It is also important to remember that anything you say can and will be used by the prosecuting attorney if the case goes to court and many of these conversations are recorded. If you have been charged or feel you may be, call the Scheiner Law Group before you talk to anyone. We can discuss the specifics of your situation in both English and Spanish. You can send us a secure message from our Contact Us form and we will get back to you with some initial advice.