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Fighting a Sexual Assault Charge—Help from a Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer

The Huffington Post reports on the case of Kelly Ann Garcia, an English teacher in Houston, who was accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old female student she claimed to be mentoring at one point. The 29-year-old Garcia was charged with sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child …

How You and a Houston Sex Crimes Attorney Can Fight Child Pornography

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, through a global manhunt operation dubbed Operation Predator, announced the recent bust of 255 suspected child predators after about five weeks of sting operations. The agency further reports that in the year’s first half alone, they have managed to nab 1,674 suspects for a range of …

In Need of a Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer? What the Army’s SHARP Program Can Teach You

Top army officers recently joined the enlisted military and civilian personnel in a training session on sexual assault and harassment at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. The session was part of an educational mission of the US Department of Defense under its recently created Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention …